Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend in Chicago

For Memorial Day weekend this year I decided to celebrate in Chicago with my boyfriend! He lives about a 20 minute "L" ride from the city so we spent the long weekend exploring. I've only been to Chicago once for an 8th grade school trip which doesn't exactly count as getting the full experience. I stayed with his family Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night and flew back home to Cleveland on Monday evening. Sometimes it can be awkward staying with someone's family for the first time, but they were all very welcoming.

Here are some highlights of the trip

The Bean and Buckingham Fountain (it was chilly and overcast the whole weekend, hence the need for coffee)


We got off at the wrong train stop and stumbled upon the Chase Theater, and of course grabbed a Deep Dish pizza for dinner :)

On the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier! I'm terrified of heights so this was an accomplishment for me

Finally we went to the observatory on the 90th floor of the John Hancock Center (more height issues), and got some great views of the city!

Chicago is beautiful and I loved every minute of it. It might sound funny, but I really couldn't believe how huge it was. Cleveland is a big city to me! The best parts of the trip were roaming the streets without having a game plan, and ending up at some amazing places (like the authentic Italian coffeehouse we found, delicious!).

How did you spend Memorial Day Weekend?

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