Friday, October 18, 2013

Favorite Fall Nails

Oh how I love breaking out the fall nail polish! Bright pinks and reds are great in the summer, but something about dark nail polish feels so cozy and chic. My nails never go unpainted, and right now I'm wearing OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress. It's a really pretty dark red with a lot of shine, I love it for fall!

Side note, Pinterest inspired me to make chocolate covered ghost cookies and they are DELISH! Anyway, here is my list of favorite fall colors. Jewel tones are my absolute favorite, and I'm also loving metallic for fall. Gold nail polish is a new obsession of mine!  

What are your favorite nail colors for fall?


  1. I love that British Racing Green!

  2. I just got the "carry on" color of Essie and I love it! It is the perfect deep red/purple color for fall :)


  3. I've always been a bright pinks in the summer and reds and neutrals in the fall kind of person. I LOVE Essie's Barefoot and Topless (:


    Ponies In Pearls

  4. Love all of these shades-I honestly couldn't think of better colors for fall! Also, that little snack you're holding looks delicious (and super-cute!).

    Majda |

  5. I am such a sucker for packaging. The BUTTER polishes are always so tempting but I've never gotten one so I don't actually know how they are


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