Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quilted Coats for Winter

When I left my apartment this morning I was absolutely not ready for the wave of freezing cold air that hit me. Literally, it feels like it could snow at any minute. Today was the first day it has been so cold, and my lightweight North Face raincoat is definitely not going to cut it any longer. 

During the cold months I usually rely on my warm and cozy peacoat, but I'm kind of loving some of the quilted coats I've been seeing popping up. I think it might be time to add some new jackets to my wardrobe!

Do you have a quilted jacket you love? 


  1. They have a really affordable quilted coat at Old Navy, too! I love it. I definitely want to add it to my coat collection. :)

  2. I love a quilted coat for fall, I have a baby pink one from Ralph Lauren that I love but I definitely need to invest in a more neutral tone. I love that LL Bean one you chose.


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