Sunday, December 22, 2013

Going Organic

I've been trying out some all organic beauty products, and let me just say, I'm in love.

I was recently out to dinner with a friend for her birthday, and her boyfriend got her a lotion that she was so excited about. She literally was freaking out. I never heard of it before but definitely wanted to know more because of her reaction! The lotion was Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular Moisturizer and she told me she swears by it. I tried a little on my hand and immediately noticed it smelled so good. Very lemon-y and fresh. It also made my hands super soft almost immediately.

So being the person I am I went to the store a few days later and picked some up myself. After using it for a few weeks I'd never go back to the lotion I was using before! I put it in on my face every night and my skin has been super soft ever since. People keep telling me how nice my skin looks, I swear this lotion is magic. I also picked up some hand cream and have been using it all over after showers! It's also amazing!

I highly, highly recommend this lotion if you're looking for something new to try! It's not oily (which is a big factor for me) and feels amazing. 

Have you tried organic beauty products before? What do you think?

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