Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Favs 8/16

Happy Friday! I hope your week was fantastic and your weekend is going to be even better! As I mentioned in my last post this week was super busy for me, I packed everything up and moved to school! I'm finally feeling pretty settled besides forgetting a couple items at home, oops!

Anyway, here is what I'm loving this week.

1 | Loafers

When loafers first started getting popular I wasn't sure about the look. To be honest, I thought they were just plain ugly. Like, a smoking slipper? What? However, the style is starting to grow on me and I'm now coveting the J.Crew leopard pair!

2 | My kitchen! 

I'm having so much fun decorating/setting up my new apartment, and I'm in love with my kitchen! To be honest I'm really just psyched about the fact that I finally have a dishwasher at school. Yay! 

3 | DIY Vases
created at: 06/27/2012

I love the look of these vases; colorful, simple, and chic. I'm always looking for cute new, and easy, ways to decorate and these look great! Check out the DIY here

4 | Ben's Garden Trinket Tray

Definitely words to live by. This tray from Nordstrom would look so cute on a coffee table or vanity.

5 | Dream Closets


I'm swooning over all of the gorgeous dream closets on Pinterest. I love this closet for the mirrored top on the dresser and the Moroccan tile wall! So pretty! 

What are you loving this week?
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. This week I am loving my finally finished ruby slippers (wore them for opening night yesterday and it went great!), some new pens I bought, and my customized binder covers! I really love the loafers by the way :)


  2. I am also coveting a pair of those leopard loafers from J. Crew! So chic!!



  3. Love those monogram slippers! I want I want!

  4. I love loafers! I think they can look so adorable with boyfriend jeans and a button down! Perfect for any season.

    As for the closet, my dream closet is the one from the Sex and The City movie! Swoon. That closet is to die for!


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