Thursday, August 22, 2013

Keds for Kate Spade

I have just recently discovered how essential a good pair of sneakers really is in your wardrobe. I don't mean athletic sneakers, I would definitely not wear them when I'm trying to look nice. But a cute pair of sneakers can totally come in handy during in-between seasons like fall and spring. I would wear them with a cute pair or shorts or even a little sundress.

I love the new Ked's for Kate Spade line, colorful sneakers with apples and polka dots! I especially like the white/black pair.

What do you think of these sneakers? Do you have a pair that you love?


  1. I saw these today and I got so excited! I just bought a pair of pink keds from a local store that I love and I really want another pair :)


  2. Love the black and yellow pair, they're funky and different!

  3. the white & black pair would look adorable with a little sundress! xx


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