Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Home/College Decor

In less than a month I'll be moving into my new apartment at school with three other awesome roommates. My direct roomie is my best from from freshman year and the other two are great friends and sorority sisters! Of course being in college means money is limited, but that doesn't stop us from trying to make our apartment as cute as possible. One of my roommates has been texting me pictures of crafts all summer that she's making to decorate!

Here are some great ideas for decorating your home/apartment/dorm that you can do yourself!

glitter flatware and tag
I believe adding glitter to anything is a good idea! I have cheap silverware from Target, so adding a little sparkle would definitely be something to do! Paint on a little glue, pour on glitter, spray with a clear sealant! 

Don't forget to glitter-ify your keys too!

I find that having plants in my apartment makes it so much livelier and happier. This DIY for gold leaf succulent pots is easy and adorable! 

Pin ribbon to wall and add pictures to fill up space! This will really brighten old, scary dorm walls (like my dorm freshman year, it was bad.)

WASHI tape framed art
Washi tape makes for a great picture frame and is removable. Check out the tutorial here!

washi tape!
While you're at it, might as well do the whole wall!

DIY pillow covers
Make your own pillow covers. These would look so cute on my couch!

I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to decorate your home/apartment/dorm, whatever! In the words of Kate Spade, live colorfully! 

What are some crafty ways you decorate your space?
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  1. When I decorated my room I chose a Paris themed room! To decorate I put some great little touches like themed art, a neutral color scheme, and flowers!


    1. My room at home is Paris themed too! It's light blue, black, and white with fleur de lis and Eiffel Towers everywhere :)

    2. How cute! I love the idea of the light blue, black, and white color scheme:) Also, I just got tagged in my first Tag Tuesday post, so I made my own and chose to tag you! Check it out!


  2. The Paris theme sounds adorable and really similar to my color scheme in my room this year! I'm definitely doing the glitter key craft too - hopefully it will help me keep track of it! (Highly unlikely though)



  3. I love the ribbon idea! Might use it for this year :)


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