Monday, July 22, 2013

The Weekender + What To Pack

This summer I've been doing so much traveling - and I love it. Whether it be flying to Chicago to visit my boyfriend, road tripping down to school, or just visiting friends for the night, I feel like I'm always packing. Regardless of why or how you're traveling, a weekender bag is the way to go. They are big enough where you can fit enough clothes/accessories for a short road trip, or they can be used as a carry-on if you're flying. There are tons of different styles of weekenders, from duffels to totes, and picking out the right one can be hard (the bags tend to be "investment pieces" ... aka expensive). So, I have narrowed down the bags that I think are the cutest (of course), but also the most practical: 
I especially love the monogrammed bags! This weekend I'll be flying to Chicago, and I ALWAYS over pack. I tend to think of every scenario possible, stress myself out to no end, and end up bringing ten outfits instead of the two-three I actually need. To help myself pack light (and hopefully you, too!), here is my list of essential items for your carry on.

Extra layers and watch | I never seem to be able to get comfortable on airplanes. I'm either too hot, too cold, my seat won't go back, or the dude next to me is snoring. Bringing an extra layer definitely helps to control the temp. and make me a little more comfortable, and also makes a great pillow. A watch is definitely important, especially if your phone dies!

Necessities | This is a well known rule of packing, but you should definitely keep necessities like medicine or contact solution in your carry on with you. I usually bring a little Advil or motion sickness medicine just in case!

Waterbottle | I always carry a waterbottle in my bag with me, but having one with its own filter is ALWAYS useful. Part of that gross feeling you have when you get off an airplane can be do to dehydration, especially if you're on a long flight. A waterbottle with a filter is amazing because you can have fresh water anywhere!  

Entertainment | The time waiting in the airport, waiting for your plane to take off, waiting to land, and waiting to get off the plane goes a lot faster when you're doing something you enjoy. Bring a mag, a book, or your iPad to help pass the time. I also like to bring a portable charger like this one just in case your battery gets low!

Wallet | I like to bring a bigger wallet with lots of pockets to help keep everything organized. The most frustrating thing is having to dig through your bag to find your boarding pass or ID!

Freshen up! | I also like to bring a cosmetic bag with a couple items to help freshen up. Some makeup, hand sanitizer, or on-the-go tissues can really make you feel a lot better after a flight! Of course I want to make sure I look good for whoever I'm meeting at the airport, too ;)

What are your carry-on essentials?


  1. When I travel for a short weekend I usually bring a couple of cosmetic pouches, my ipad/macbook depending on how long I will be gone, a couple pairs of shoes, My everyday jewelry, and the usual necessities :)


  2. The TB bag is my favorite! I always pack a big scarf that I can use as a blanket because 99% of the time I'm freezing, even with a sweatshirt! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  3. I always keep a small cosmetics case with travel-size wipes some basic makeup in my carryon so that I can freshen up a little either before or right after I get off the plane. I also always bring a scarf and at least one book!


  4. I have a Tommy Hilfiger leather & canvas weekender that I used to visit home this weekend... but oh my goodness I need a new one. I used to have a car but now that I live in the city & take transit it is WAY too heavy & bulky. I love the options you chose! Definitely need to find a new light weight bag.
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate


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