Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning is a great thing. Actually, it's pretty much a miracle. My pale Irish skin does NOT do well in the sun, it's gets all blotchy and burns so easily. Even if I do get some color, it fades in a matter of days! I always feel guilty laying out because I know I'm increasing my risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, and sun spots later on. All things I would definitely rather avoid. So, how do I get the bronzed goddess look without the sun? Sunless tanner, of course!

The sunless tanning experience can either be really great or really awful. There's the streak issue, the bad smell, or even the rubbing-off-on-your-new-white-tshirt problem. However, if you find the right one, you can get your summery glow in a matter of minutes and avoid the stress and social scrutiny (you know you judge those orange people) that comes with a bad tan. I've tried my fair share of tanners, and I've put together a list of my favorites to help you avoid the baddies.

1. St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse - This tanner is a mousse which makes application really easy and streak-free. It dries in 60 seconds, looks natural, and doesn't have the gross tanner smell! 

2. Jergens Natural Glow - Jergens is a go-to for many self tanner lovers. I have fair skin and find that the medium/dark actually works better than the light/medium. It is affordable and gives a nice gradual tan that looks natural. Definitely go with the unscented!

3. Bare Minerals Faux Tan Body - I love Bare Minerals, they have never let me down! This tanner is made from a mineral copper complex like gives you a brown (not orange!) color, and also contains aloe vera and other natural ingredients that hydrate your skin. 

4. Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes - A little pricier than the other tanners, but the towelettes make application so much easier than lotions/sprays. You can even do your back yourself! 

5. Neutrogena Build-A-Tan - Neutrogena is also one of my favorite skin care brands. Their tanner is gentle on skin and gives you a pretty natural glow. I can see a difference after only one application! This is probably my favorite tanner, I love the color it gives me. 

Do you use sunless tanner? What's your favorite brand?


  1. My Uncle got skin cancer this year (and had it removed--he's fine!!) so I've been super cautious about wearing sun screen and not getting a burn this summer. So far I've been very successful! Unfortunately, that means I'm way paler than usual. I've decided to embrace it and rock the pale girl look this summer instead of using a sunless tanner (which would just come off in the water anyways, because i work at a pool).
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate

    1. Good for you! Definitely work it if you got it. I'm glad you're uncle is ok!



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