Tuesday, July 2, 2013

J.Crew Fall 2013

Albert Camus
I can't believe it's only July and I'm already thinking of fall fashions. J.Crew's Fall/Holiday 2013 Lookbook is available online so of course I had to take a look! Thinking about the fall scares me because I'll be starting my last fall semester in college (tear), and the weather will get brisk and gloomy in no time. But the cold brings changing leaves, riding boots, cute jackets, and comfy sweaters. In a way the change of seasons is refreshing because you get to bring out pieces you haven't worn in awhile (I'm already getting board of my summer clothes) and get some new things, too!

There is a lot about J.Crew's Lookbook that I'm really excited about. Here are some of my favorites

1 | Love the print, love the structure, love the colors, love everything. This looks so cozy on a chilly day. 

2 | I like how the cable knit sweater is paired with pastel pants! Lavender is not a color you normally see in fall/winter but I really like it. I'm loving the coat, too. The shinyness of the pants and shoes is just perfect with the simple coat and sweater. So pretty.

3 | I think the dress is awesome, but I really love the gloves! So classic! I'm glad the Crew is bringing this look back.

4 | I'm obsessed with this coat/dress combo. I love a good double-breasted coat, especially in nude. And the details on the collar are amazing. Are those sparkles?! (Side note: Can someone please photoshop some hands on this woman?! Too creepy!) 

5 | I'm loving the printed skirt with the basic shirt and jacket. I'm also loving the colors together, especially the bright blue shoes.  

So tell me, what do you think about these looks?
I'm super excited to see what they come out with for the new season!


  1. I love look 4 and 5! The colors in those pair so well together and I think they are perfect for the fall season!


  2. I was also wondering, what do you use to make your collages? I can't seem to find a good site/way to make mine yet!



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