Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kate Spade New Arrivals

I love the theme for Kate Spade's new arrival line; cinema! There are so many fun little items that feature this theme including popcorn look-alike bags, clapboard iPad sleeves, and film reel inspired shoes. The old-Hollywood feel adds a certain glamour, but of course Kate Spade puts her own spin on things. I think the cinema-themed accessories so clever and cute, but it would definitely take a certain kind of woman to be able to rock that popcorn bag!

Lights Camera Action Carousel Bangle Watch, Lights Camera Action Terry, Cinema City Popcorn Bag, 3D Glasses iPhone 5 Case, Directors Clapboard iPad Sleeve, Steal the Show Bangle, Cinema City Bangle, Cinema City Samira, Cinema Key Fob

Fresia Heel & Laura Heel (these come in pink, too!)

Can't forget the shoes! I love the subtle film reel detail. 

What do you think about Kate Spade's film inspired line?


  1. I love this line! It is so cute :)


  2. I love her new film inspired line! The shoes are probably my favorite part.
    I also just found your blog and I'm a new follower on bloglovin :)


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