Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Healthy Fast Food (what?!)

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I love the carbs, the fruit, and everything that comes with it. Making a stop to Starbucks for breakfast on the weekends is definitely one of my favorite things to do, their Skinny Vanilla Lattes are seriously my weakness. However, most food on their menu is super calorie heavy (apple fritters have 420, and the Reduced-Fat Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake has 340!). We should be eating breakfast to kick-start our day and give up some energy, but these items actually slow us down! 

To combat this problem, I did some research on fast food breakfast that is actually healthy and will make you feel good in the morning. There are some options from my favorite places to stop, they are super tasty and healthy too!

Starbucks Oatmeal and Coffee - Starbucks's oatmeal is made from whole grain and is so tasty. I seriously love getting it in the winter because it's nice and warm and fills me up! It feels like a comfort food but only contains 140 calories. You also have the choice of adding nuts, dried fruit, or brown sugar for around 100 extra cals each. 

Dunkin Donuts coffee and Eggwhite, Turkey, Sausage Wrap - This sandwich contains a whole lot of protein (11 grams) and only 150 calories. This is good because it will keep you full much longer than a bagel or donut, and you don't get the mid-day sugar crash. 

Panera Power Breakfast Sandwich or Parfait - Panera is another favorite on Sunday mornings if I want to sit down, enjoy some delicious bread-y items, and sip my coffee in front of a fireplace. Their Power Breakfast Sandwich is made with whole grain bread (did I mention I LOVE their bread?), with egg, Vermont white cheddar, and smoked lean ham. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It has 330 calories, but will also keep you full and satisfied well into lunchtime. The Strawberry Granola parfait is also a good choice, made from low-fat, organic vanilla yogurt, maple butter pecan granola with whole grain oats & fresh strawberries, and containing 310 calories. 

What's your favorite place to grab breakfast? What do you like to get?
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  1. When I am grabbing a quick breakfast I like to go to Panera! They always have really delicious treats and drinks that are satisfying! I personally like getting one of their smoothies and either a pastry or sandwich :)


  2. The oatmeal from Starbucks is so delish! I love getting it on cold days in the fall and winter.



  3. Love the Starbucks oatmeal, it's such a good, guilt-free comfort food!


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