Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Sunglasses Guide

Sunglasses are by far my favorite summer accessory. They make any outfit instantly chic and add a little mystery. I love wearing really dark sunglasses because I feel like I belong in Hollywood ;) Like I mentioned in my Friday Favs post, I'm really loving cat-eye sunglasses. It's fun to experiment with different shapes and colors and see what works best on you!

Here are some styles I'm really loving this summer -

Summer Sunglasses

I love how many different shapes and colors designers are choosing! How cute are those heart shaped sunglasses? I think I might need to add a pair to my repertoire for lazy beach days or even hanging out around campus.

Personally, I always get frustrated when trying on sunglasses because of lot of frames don't look right on my face. I envy the lucky few who can pull off any pair! If you're like me and have to be picky with your frames, I put together a guide to help. I had to stare at a picture of myself for like a half hour to pin-point my face shape, but once you figure it out you can start choosing the best styles that work for you.

Do: Go for cat-eye or round glasses to draw attention downward
Don't: Wear glasses with over embellishment on the sides

Do: Go for oversize glasses to even out face and break up length
Don't: Choose glasses with narrow frames

Do: Most shapes work, so try something new!
Rectangular frames or aviators are a good place to start

Do: Pick glasses with angles or horizontal frames to elongate face
Don't: Pick round frames that make you face look even rounder

Do: Go for styles that soften face like round/oval shapes, cat-eye, or butterfly
Don't: Wear styles with sharp geometric shapes

Hope this helps with your search for the perfect glasses!
What kind do you wear for your face shape? 


  1. I must say I love to wear wayfarers, but I love the J. Crew sunglasses you have at the bottom right! So cute!


  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, it is really cute! I love the Kate Spade and Ray Ban sun glasses. They are both such classics!


    1. Thanks so much, glad you're liking it!!


  3. great post & the pair by Dior is to die for! your blog is precious!


    1. I love the Dior ones too, thanks for reading!


  4. great post, Dior sunnies are my fav


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