Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! This week has been a long one, but once 5 o'clock hits it's time for a weekend filled with birthday celebrations and road trips. I can't wait to shower my best friend with confetti and champagne for her 21st! Saturday I'm wiping my calendar clean and not doing anything. I've been so busy these last couple weekends that I can't wait to have a day to sleep in and lounge around the house. My goal is to stay in my pajamas all day :)

Here are some of my favorite picks of the week-

Friday Favorites

1. Cat-Eye Sunglasses
I freakin' love cat eye sunglasses. They're classy and sophisticated and make me feel like Marilyn Monroe. Love love love them.

2. Essie Pinks
Essie pinks are perfect for summer. Normally I'm more of a red girl, but I've really been loving pink. Bottle Service and Camera are two of my favorites, you really can't go wrong!

3. Breakfast Pinning
Pinterest has a way of making breakfast foods look so delicious. Of course when I try to make them they don't come out as pretty, but it's still fun to try new recipes! Enjoying a good breakfast is one of my favorite things since it's hard to make time for it during the week. Who wouldn't love a meal filled with blueberries, syrup, lots of carbs, and powered sugar!? I have a breakfast board of my own if you'd like to take a look, and I've been dying to try these vanilla bean scones!

4. Patriotic (monogrammed) Hair Bows
My love of hair bows combined with the 4th of July sparks my obsession with Marley Lilly's Monogrammed 'Merica Hair Bow and Monogrammed Nautical Stripe Hair Bow, or really any patriotic hair bow (check out all of these on Etsy!). Although I would probably wear these at any time of the year, they get extra love around the 4th!

Not pictured above, but I couldn't leave out Marley Lilly's
Patriotic Stars and Stripes Hair Bow! So big and fun!!!

5. Nude Bags
I'm slowing beginning to realize that I need to add a nude bag to my wardrobe. It would work so much better with summery outfits than my boring Longchamp. Definitely on my wishlist. I love how Carly at The College Prep styled her Kate Spade Minka.

6. Road Trips
This has definitely been the summer of road trips. Between driving to Chicago to visit my boyfriend, Sandusky for a day at Cedar Point, Mansfield to visit my best friend, and back to Dayton to spend a weekend at school, I've been all over the great state of Ohio and spending tons of time in the car. I enjoy traveling, and I think it's time to venture somewhere new!

What are some of your Friday Faves?

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