Monday, June 3, 2013

Current Pinterest Addiction

During my lazy summer days I tend to do more pinning than I normally would. It seems as though I go through phases of things I like to pin; sometimes clothes, sometimes beauty products, sometimes places I want to travel, you get the point. Lately I've been on a desk design kick, probably because I spend most of the day in a cubicle. There are lots of cute ideas on Pinterest on how to make your cubicle adorable but still work appropriate. It's important for me to be in a space I actually enjoy being in so I stay cheerful, energetic, and productive.

Here is some of my favorite inspiration and well as things I like to include on my desk!


I love clean lines with pops of gentle color, and FLOWERS of course! What's happier than flowers?! You can see the rest of my workplace board on Pinterest here! Finally, here are some of my favorite desk items -  

Desk Essentials

Coffee included, all of these items would help keep your organized as well as make your cubicle the cutest in the office. The notebooks are from May Designs and are a great alternative to other expensive planners/organizers because of their great prices and tons of options to customize them however you like. Hope this helps in keeping your workplace colorful!

What are some of your favorite desk accessories?

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