Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Happening Again...

The Marley Lilly Flash Sale. Nothing stresses me out or gets my adrenaline pumping quite as much. From 8-11pm tonight Marley Lilly will offer 30 amazingly monogrammed items at fabulous prices, and when you spend $50 (which is wayy too easy to do), you will receive a free monogrammed hair bow. And it looks like it's 'Merica themed. Ahhh.

The reason I get so stressed is because a couple weeks ago I missed a flash sale. Silly me. AND the one before that I was at a dinner literally crying as I watched the items slowly sell out on my phone. But I'm determined to remember this one! I even set an alarm on my phone! I'm obsessed, but only a little. The items go fast and I've got my eye on that sparkly chain bracelet.  

Neeeed. And I need that bow. This post has officially made me sound like a crazy person but it is a Marley Lilly flash sale. I just love monograms that much. And discounts.

Good luck and happy shopping! 

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