Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Hunt Is On

I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect cosmetic bag. I've been devoted to my bilberry Longchamp Le Pliage for about the past two years, but I'm coming to realize it gets annoying digging around for miscellaneous items like chapstick or a pen. You think I would have thought of this sooner, but a little cosmetic bag would be perfect to hold these little items and prevent clutter in my bag.

After looking around a little, I absolutely fell in love with the Kate Spade Cabana Tile Shiloh. It's freakin' adorable and I might actually need it. However, at $70 it's a little pricey, so I've been doing a little more research. Here's what I've been loving so far:

Cosmetic Bags

2 | Tory Burch Brigitte Cosmetic Case in Bougainville Pink Multi
3 | Kate Spade Abstract Signature Bow Davie
4 | Kate Spade Daytripper Davie in Firoza
5 | Tory Burch Brigitte Cosmetic Case in Turquoise Stripe
6 | Estee Lauder Lilly Pulitzer Designer Floral Cosmetic Makeup Bag ($7 on Amazon, what?!)

I'm think I'm leaning toward the Kate Spade Cabana Tile Shiloh or the Tory Burch Brigitte in Bougainville Pink Multi, it's just so fun.

I would love if anyone could tell me a cosmetic bag they recommend, I'm definitely open to suggestions. I just need a way to keep my huge black-hole-like Longchamp a little more organized. Like I said, let me know what you use!

Thanks for reading!

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