Thursday, June 13, 2013

J.Crew Vacation

Every year one of the highlights of my summer is going down to Sanibel Island, Florida to spend some time at the family's condo. We usually go in August when it's scolding hot and humid, so spending lots of time on the water, at the pool, and on the beach is totally necessary! It's peaceful, relaxing, and so much fun.

Here is me last year with a metal dolphin haha!

I was browsing through and realized they really have everything you could need and more for a vacation. I gathered some things together that would be perfect for a trip to the beach or any time you're traveling!

J.Crew Vacation

I clearly have a thing for their stripey accessories :) I had no idea J.Crew carried sunblock, but they do! They also have texturizing spray for your hair to hold those beachy waves. Of course my hair doesn't need any more texture when I'm in Florida, it's a curly mess! But hey, I feel like everyone's hair is like that when it's 95 degrees and 100% humidity! Anyway, sunglasses, a cute pair of wedges, and sundresses are all essential items for your time at the beach. And if you're going somewhere really awesome, they also carry passport covers. I'm especially loving that floppy hat. Keep the sun off that pretty face!

Meetya at the beach! 

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