Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Trip!

This weekend I'm taking a little trip down to Dayton (where I go go school) to meet up with my boyfriend. He has to be there to take the Dayton PD test, so I'm going with him! I'm so excited because I loveee being at school and haven't been back since summer began. We're planning on going to our favorite Mexican restaurant, taking a walk down the Miami River, and maybe hitting a few bars.

It's no secret that I suck at packing. The weather in Ohio is so unpredictable and our plans can change at the drop of a hat, so picking out what to wear is difficult. To deal with this problem I bring a little bit of everything. Not the most practical solution but it works, luckily I have my whole car to fill up (hopefully I won't need that much room, but we'll see).
Weekend Trip
Here are the things I think are important to bring. My iPhone is necessary, obviously, along with headphones for the car ride or to keep me company if my boyfriend falls asleep before me. Sunglasses are a must for the car as well.Then I'm bringing a casual outfit for spending time outside, a Patagonia if it gets chilly, and chinos. Lots of chinos. Some days I'm feeling pink and some days I'm feeling navy, might as well bring both! These outfits are perfect for a casual dinner or hanging out around campus. I'm also bringing a cute dress if we decide to hit the bars. Can't forget an umbrella!

Lastly is the beauty needs. I have a hard time narrowing these down because they are all so necessary in making me look presentable. A toothbrush and hair brush are the bare essentials, along with some mascara. I'm obsessed with my Cetaphil face wash, so that needs to come too. I think I did pretty well considering my makeup bag is probably close to 5 pounds! (Exaggerating, but just a little).

Somehow I fit all of these items into a weekender and my Longchamp. I'm pretty proud of myself! Now I just have to make it down in one piece :)

What are some of your essential weekend items? 

Thanks for reading!

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