Monday, June 10, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Agendas and Crafts

I know, I know. Everyone has one. Especially if you're in a sorority. But there's a reason these agendas are so popular. They're super cute and make it easy to organize events in your life.  

Last year I was trying to find a Lilly agenda once I was back in school, and I couldn't find one anywhere. So, this year I'm definitely going to pre-order. I personally like the large size instead of the small or jumbo, it fits perfectly into my bag and is easy to carry but also has enough room to write in. Here are the patterns featured this year!

Lilly Agendas

My personal favorites are New Green Coronado Crab, Turquoise Lets Cha Cha, and Tropical Pink Lulu. Very fun and fresh, and of course colorful!
Even after the year is up, there are literally a million things you can do with the adorable covers and pages instead of just throwing them out (they're pricey, anyway). Here are a few ideas I grabbed from Pinterest: 

Cut out the months and stick them on a cork board to make a monthy planner that's easy to change, or mod podge them on a mirror!

More Lilly-fied cork board! 

Mod podge onto coasters! 

Use them on wooden letters for decorations, or glue onto wooden picture frames! Perfect for dorm rooms! 

Lastly, glue onto a serving tray, hostess with the mostess! 

I hope some of these ideas have helped to inspire you! I think I'll be making a corkboard in the near furture :) 

Which Lilly agenda is your favorite?
Have you made anything with your old one? 


  1. Just came across this post while I was looking for crafts to do with my old agenda, love it! I just pre ordered my new agenda in Tusk in Sun!

    1. That one is so cute! Glad you like it :)


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